11 Surprising Fun Facts About Animals

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Surprising Animal Facts

The Earth is home to thousands of animals, and each animal species represents a biological trivia. These physiological changes leave people speculating about events such as dinosaurs divorcing and amphibians dancing. Below are some random facts about animals that will leave you smiling as you read through them.

A gorilla is like a human because it catches all diseases and colds that affect people. The size of a young Chinese deer is small enough to be held in the palm of your hand. Sometimes while in the wild you will hear a lion roaring. Are you sure it is a lion? It might be an ostrich because it can roar just like a lion and also runs faster than the horse. Averagely, a healthy lion makes almost twenty kills in the wild every year. However, it is notable that female lions do ninety percent of all the hunting.

It is interesting to know that even creatures that live in water can drown. Dolphins, alligators, crocodiles, water snakes, whales, turtles, and other creatures that live under the water will drown if kept underwater for a long time. Farmers in China are rearing more than half the number of pigs in the world. Even though it is not colorful, dogs possess better eyesight than human beings. Did you know that green areas have more than 50,000 spiders per acre? Now you know.

Snakes are carnivorous; this is to mean that they feed on animals, in most cases small ones like insects, small mammals, frogs, and birds. There are several songbird species which sing up to more than 2,000 times per day. Do you know that not all mammals undergo menopause? True, the only mammals which experience menopause are female human beings, elephants, and humpback whales.

Did you know that there is an animal that can survive for two years without food? The tarantula spider can live up two years without feeding. There are one million ants for every human being. It is fascinating to note that a cow can sleep while standing but can only dream while lying down. The weight of one tooth of an elephant weighs approximately nine pounds.

If you want to escape the jaws of a crocodile, you have to push your thumbs in its eyes, and it will instantly let you go. Dogs learn spoken commands easily when given alongside gestures or hand signals. Placing a small amount of alcohol on a scorpion will make it crazy causing it to sting itself to death. It is interesting to know that a flamingo can only feed when the head is facing up. Animals generate 1.4 billion tons of waste annually, which is thirty times more than human beings. Can you imagine life without sleep! Ants do not only sleep but also do not have lungs. Cows have a stomach which has four compartments for differentiated digestion.

Kangaroos give birth to babies measuring one inch long, which are equivalent to a queen bee or a giant water bug. If you have a herd of sixty cows, you can be able to get one ton of milk in one day. The ears of a cat have thirty muscles each. The shoulder blades of the dog are not attached to its skeleton for enhancing its flexibility when running. A standard woodpecker can peck up to twenty times per second. A flea can jump two hundred times its height, and this height is equivalent to an individual jumping the New York’s Empire state building.

It is true to understand that an elephant weighs less than a tongue of a whale. Did you know that sheep and goats are seasonal breeders? Now you know. An elephant can smell water three miles away from its location. If you cut off a snail’s eye, it will start growing a new one. You need to understand that human beings share 98% DNA with chimps and 70% with slugs. You need to know that fireflies do not have spinners for biting. They are harmless and do not carry infections. Identification of tigers can be done with the use of its strips because they do not share strip types. It is interesting to note that the heartbeat of a whale goes nine times per minute.

A hummingbird can beat its wings at a rate of eighty times per minute. Fireflies are the only animals which give out light without heat generation. It is interesting to know that even an entirely blind chameleon can change its colors as per changes in its environment. Did you know that the tooth of rodents never stops growing? Now you know. Hippopotamus usually gives birth in water. You can predict the gender of a turtle by the noise they produce. Females hiss while males grunt. You also need to know that there are 500,000 stray cats and 1,000,000 stray dogs in the metropolitan area of New York City.

Did you know that an average chicken can lay almost 260 eggs in one year? Now you know. It is interesting to learn that a starving mouse can feed on its tail. The only animal which can turn its stomach inside out is a start fish. In the whole world, people consume goat products more than any other mammal. You need to know that a butterfly possesses more than 12000 eyes. It is interesting to note that the United States has more than sixty million dogs. A mole can dig up to three hundred feet of a hole in one night.

Flamingos are pink because their primary source of food is shrimp. When a female lion and a male tiger mate, they procreate a tigon and when a female tiger and a male lion mate, they procreate a liger. Turkeys have an excellent sense of taste with a poor smelling sense. The heart of a giraffe pumps twice harder for getting blood to its brain.

Do you own a cat? If not, make an effort to own one because cat owners have a thirty percent less likelihood to experience a heart attack. You like using Mozilla Firefox; you need to know that the animal in its logo is a panda and not a fox.  Lastly, you need to know that there are more than 2700 snake types in the world and they live in forests, deserts, oceans, lakes, and streams.

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