Instagram Dad Hilariously Spoofs His Daughter’s Sexy Pictures

It’s been confirmed – the Father of the Year Award officially goes to Chris Martin. He gets 1000 troll points for successfully and playfully recreating his daughter’s Instagram picture posts.

It all started when Martin was blown away by the amount of “suggestive” comments left on his daughter Cassie’s Instagram page. So, instead of scolding the crap out of her, he did exactly this.

Dad & Daughter Selfie

Dad & Daughter Selfie | Instagram

He wrote on Instagram:

“So my daughter has been posting sexy selfies of herself and instead of telling her to stop, well, I thought of something better”.

That’s when Martin came up with the brilliant idea to post side by side pictures imitating his daughter’s popular looks.

“So to put water on the fire, I posted one like it and said, ‘What about me, guys?’ and that did it”.

Chris (left) & Cassie (right)

Chris (left) & Cassie (right) | Instagram

Talk about annoying dad? Lol.

He even went so far to use permanent marker to “accurately” replicate┬áher tattoos.

Dad & Daughter Selfie

Dad & Daughter Selfie | Instagram

Duck Face On Point.

Dad & Daughter Selfie

Dad & Daughter Selfie | Instagram

When you mess up on your winged liner, so you try to thicken it lol.

Dad & Daughter Selfie

Dad & Daughter Selfie | Instagram

In order not to leave his son out of the equation, he made a post poking fun at him as well.

Dad & Son Selfie

Dad & Son Selfie | Instagram

Martin has received a lot of backlash for “publicly embarrassing” his children. However, he cleared that up in a recent post.

His daughter seems to like it too. At first, she was annoyed but now she has dubbed herself the “My father harasses me on social media girl”.

Cassie's Instagram Bio

Cassie’s Instagram Bio

Martin is a comedian and a radio show host from Spokane, Washington so this fits right into his niche.

Thumbs up for fun parenting!

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