See How This 14-year-Old Gave Everyone Over At ‘America’s Got Talent’ Goosebumps With Her Jaw-Dropping Performance

While other teenagers are partying and having sleepovers, fourteen-year-old Sofie Dossi was recently on America’s Got Talent performing her impressive stunts on stage.

Sofie Dossi

Sofie Dossi | Screenshot

This talented young lady completely amazed the judges and audience with her performance. What’s even more interesting about this teenager is that she’s a self-taught contortionist. She told the judges that she taught herself at home by only watching videos.

Look at Dossi pick up an apple with her feet and eat it. It did not look like a human body, made of flesh and bones as Sofie bent it according to will in whichever way she pleased, reports Morning News USA.

Sofie Dossi Eating An Apple With Her Feet

Sofie Dossi Eating An Apple With Her Feet | Screenshot

Then watch in amazement as she brandishes her unorthodox archery skills.

Sofie Dossi Shooting An Arrow

Sofie Dossi Shooting An Arrow | Screenshot

When singer and judge Mel B asked her when and how she learnt how to do this, Sophie answered:

“I found this out by watching a video of contortion and I was like oh my gosh I really wanna try this and after I tried it I just fell in love with it”.

“My parents are very supportive”.

If you’re still reading this and don’t know what contortion is – it is an art performance which includes extreme body flexibility and acrobatic stunts that are mostly performed in circus.

Watch Sophie’s eye gawking performance below!

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