Colouring Book to Prevent Labor Pain

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Hammersmith Health Books: Mid Wife Launches Coloring Book to Reduce Labor Pain

As you prepare for your big day, you need several apparatuses in your toolbox to assist you in coping with labor pain. Mid wives are inventing techniques that provide women with the comfort they require while giving birth. This article presents one of the craziest invention that is meant to reduce discomfort and manage labor confidently.

The truth of the matter is that birth and labor call for a lot of mental and physical preparation. You need several measures and techniques that will assist you to cope with the discomfort that comes during labor. You must understand some of the strategies and helpful labor positions that will lead to a safe delivery.

The current generation boasts of one of the inventions in the pre-natal industry. Have you ever thought of coming up with a way of reducing labor pains? I think we are living in a generation where people are trying to get the best from their careers. You don’t need to do a lot of research for you to get solutions for the current problems that face humanity.

Resources are minimal and we need to make use of the scarce resources. Sometimes we think so big and overlook some of the small things that can create a significant impact in our lives. Some women fear conceiving because of the pain of giving birth. Some of them revert to caesarian section as a way of avoiding this painful experience.

However, it is healthier to give birth in a natural way unless as long as you don’t have any medical complications. The truth of the matter is that very few people can afford caesarian as a way of giving birth. Even if you have the money for C-section, you will be healthier if you choose to give birth naturally. No wonder some of the invention of dealing with labor pain may sound crazy but they are workable. The modern generations need people who will deal with the problem and not run away from it.

A midwife advices a woman who was in her labor pains to use a coloring book to reduce the impact of labor pains. According to this midwife, using a coloring book will divert the mind of the mother to be off the labor pains.  The official launch of this book aims to assist the woman to overcome labor pain and prepare adequately for motherhood. The primary reason behind this invention is to engage the mind during this painful experience.

The book was invented by Bridget Sheeran who has been practicing midwifing for the last thirty rears. Given that she has been in this business for over three decades, she has a clear understanding of what a woman who is in labor requires. In this book, Sheeran stresses on the need to prepare ahead of birth. The book stresses that this preparation is critical when it comes to overcoming any form of apprehension or fear that comes with labor pains.

The truth of the matter is that the stories of those who have gone through labor pain can be discouraging to other women. The worst experience is when we have some women losing their life during birth. There is need to device a way in which women can concentrate on other things and avoid the pain that comes with bring up new life.  The delivery day is a great one and women should have the best out of it. The primary intention of this book is to assist mothers to get the best out of this day.

Some of the things you will find in this book include a rabbit, tortoise, fish, dolphins and line drawings. If you are a lover of these nature, you will concentrate on these things instead of thinking of the labor pain. These drawings are amazing and you can shade them with the colors of your choice. You will need to by this book on time. It also comes with a set of coloring material. When the big day comes, make sure you carry the book to the labor ward.

The book also has a section of pain motivates that has traditional bits’ drawings. This portion also has some useful tips for women who are in labor such as aromatherapy, comfy pillow, warm birth, bathing ball, and food and drinks. One thing you could be asking your self is what was at the mind of this mid wife while coming up with this idea. The author wishes the mother to concentrate on the joy of bringing a new life into the world and not the pain that comes with it.

However, the message of this book is not necessarily obvious. Most mothers tend to pay more attention on the birth pain instead of concentrating on the excitement and beauty at the birth of the heart. One of the professionals who highly recommend this book is Sarah Davies. Sarah is a midwife teacher in the University of Salford and has worked with several midwives.

She says that this is an inventive and fun way of engaging pregnant women. The book assists women to deal with several dimensions that come with the delivery process. Traditionally, medical practitioners give women who are in labor pain air, gas and drugs to assist them to cope with labor pains. However, some mothers now understand the current hypnobirthing techniques that assist them to stay in control and calm during labor.

As you prepare for birth, you get a chance to color your journey during pregnancy. You can make use of the Hammersmith Health books to make the birth experience less painful. People who have not seen this book before may think that you are crazy. You will be busy coloring as other people are anxious of the next stage. The kit comes with a broad range of colors and you will be able to choose the ones that you like most. This is a cheap book that even the low-income earners can own. Prepare for your next child by getting a copy and you will be smiling all the way to the labor ward.


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