Gwen Stefani Asked God For 1 Thing Everyday For 3 Years And Finally Got It

Many of us find comfort in act of prayer and it is normal as human beings to get discouraged when we feel as though our prayers aren’t being answered.

Here’s a heart-warming story of how little boy was the answer to singer Gwen Stefani’s prayers.

She was performing on stage in West Palm Beach, Florida, when she read a sign from a fan. It said:

“My son was bullied from 1st grade to 5th grade”.

Obviously appalled – Stefani said to herself “WHAT?!

Then, she goes on to read the rest of the letter, and it said:

“He would come home every day upset, but he would go to his room, listen to your music and smile”.

Instantly, she shouted “Get up here NOW!”.

At that moment, 12-year-old – Brandon Burford ran on stage and embraced Ms. Stefani, with tears running down his eyes.

“I cried more when she told me to get up there” he said, according to WPTV.

“I didn’t think it was really happening, it was unbelievable”.

His mom, Maria, described how Gwen’s music made the young pre-teen’s pain go away.

“To see him come home upset from school and then to put on her CDs, to see him dancing and sing with a smile on his face” she said.

Stefani With Maria (center) & Brandon (right)

Stefani With Maria (center) & Brandon (right) | WPTV

She expressed her undying gratitude and appreciation to Stefani, for being the light in her son’s life and helping to go through his problems. She said “she means a lot and I wanted her to know that from one mother to another”.

Stefani Kissing Brandon's Sign Backstage

Stefani Kissing Brandon’s Sign Backstage | WPTV

Stefani even posted about the emotional event on social media:

“About 3 years ago when things were hard in my life I prayed to God everyday that I could get a chance to use my gift that God gave me and make a difference in some way in this world – last night this little guy was the answer to my prayers ‪#‎zerotoleranceforbullies‬ ‪#‎onelove‬‪#‎thisiswhatthetruthfeelslike‬ Gx”

Watch the video below!

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