INSPIRING: Mom Shocks All In Her Seemingly Effortless Birth Video

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A California midwife posted a video on Facebook showing  her client Audra effortlessly giving birth to her son.

Video went viral quickly under the caption:  ”My client Audra’s beautiful second home birth.”

Lisa Marie Sanchez Oxenham from Anaheim posted the video that shows Audra is giving the final pushes in a birthing tub.

Audra managed to stay calm and breathe deeply while giving the last big push to her little newborn boy.

After her son was born and slipped into the water, she pulled him out and and gently cradled him to her chest.

Audra’s partner accompanied her in the tub, giving her affection, support and encouraging her the whole way through.

It was incredible emotional moment filled with joy, happiness and tears for Audra and her partner when they first laid eyes on their child.

The video has over 19 million views on Facebook.

There were a lot of positive comments under the video but also a lot of questions too since people couldn’t believe how bloodless and easy the birth was.

”Wow… What a beautiful moment! Brought tears to my eyes!! Beautiful!”

”See it’s not so bad ;)” or  ”She made that look so easy.”

”I’ve made more noise when stubbing my little toe.”

”So beautiful!!! I’ve watched it several times! Such a wonderful moment!!”

”I’m crying real tears. That is just amazing.”

One person asked question asking: ”Why are they crying? And why did she leave the babies head under water for so long… And where’s the umbilical cord??? And why isn’t the water bloody. What’s up with the acting??”

Another asked: ”Where’s the blood? Any why both of the guys hand is behind the woman like he holding something?”

Somebody replied with ”No blood because she didn’t tear like some women do and she hasn’t passed the placenta yet. His hand were there to help catch the baby if needed…”

Water births can sometimes speed up the labor process as was the case in the video.

”A midwife’s role is fluid, providing whatever is necessary for each individual birthing experience, although almost always that role is simply to offer the gift of quiet.” midwife Oxenham wrote.

The founder of Waterbirth International, Barbara Harper said: “One thing that happens in a water birth, you as the attending physician pretty much have to stand there with your hands in your pockets and let it happen without your participation. That is pretty scary to a physician-oriented institution.”

According to The American Pregnancy Association, water births can be very beneficial to mothers and their newborns. The water in the birthing tub is warm and it improves body circulation of the mother, lowers blood pressure and also lowers the pain and provides more oxygen for the newborn.

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