What You Did Not Know About Healthy Living

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Did You Know This About Healthy Living?

We are living in a generation where everyone is concerned with his lifestyle. Health professionals will always remind you that you are what you eat. We are extra keen with what we eat and the level of exercise but we end up forgetting some simple things in life. One thing you need to be asking yourself is whether the current level of concern about healthy is evident in the lives of human beings.

This article presents some interesting facts about healthy living. However, it will be meaningless to discover something and not do something about your health and that of your loved ones. First, everyone is battling with the idea of reducing the intake of fats all over the world. Despite all these efforts, more than 30 percent of adults and over 12.5 million kids in the United States of America are Obese. The implication is that the level of obesity among children and teenagers has tripled. Therefore, there is need to increase the efforts of maintaining a low-carb diet.

The same trend is also evident in other continents all over the world. We may seem to be doing so much but the results are worrying. The truth of the matter is that you cannot do things in the same manner and expect different results. We need to change our approach in life especially when it comes to eating out. Maybe more people should appreciate the role of the ketogenic diet and include it in their daily program.

As we continue to talk about health matters, you need to understand that one bottle of Soda contains approximately ten teaspoons of sugar. Research also reveals that an average American adult drink close to five hundred cans of soda each year. Imagine you are consuming about 52 pounds of sugar each year. Sincerely speaking, this is doing a lot of disservice to your body. Can such a level of sugar really support healthy living? We need to do something about our health and change begins with me and you.

You could think of cutting down the consumption of such foods. If you have to eat them, make sure you take the necessary corrective action like detoxification. This calls for a lot of discipline from your end. We cannot hit the age of our ancestors if we don’t mind what we eat. Our lifestyle needs a complete overhaul and that change should begin with me and you. In a recent survey, 11.3 percent of the teenagers who were interviewed has consumed more than three bottles of soda per day in the period under study. Should we pump a lot of junk in our bodies then we start looking for ways of driving it out? We can avoid some of these unnecessary measures by watching out on what we eat.

Did you know that eating a lot of meat is harmful to the animals, the planet and our health? You need to keep the consumption of meat down by all means.  Some schools have decided to maintain meatless Fridays to reduce the amount of meat students take. If you have to take meat, make sure that a big proportion is white meat. This type of meat is healthy because it does not have a lot of carbs.

A research in learning institutions in the US revealed that over 15 percent of students were overweight. Another 12 percent of this population had been admitted in different health facilities because of starving themselves for more than 24 hours while attempting to lose weight. Therefore, some of these things are real and we should learn how to live with them.

In another survey, 13 percent of teenagers admitted that they skipped breakfast in the last one week. Did you know that breakfast is the most important meal in the health of a human being? The breakfast you take should supply your mind and body with sufficient energy and nutrients to run the whole day. Breakfast also gets the body metabolism working and keeps weight of. Therefore, make sure you take a well-balanced breakfast to get enough fuel for the day.

As a teenager, you should sleep for more than nine hours each night of you want your body to function properly. However, less that 30 percent of high school students sleep for more than eight hours each night. No wonder we are having a youthful generation that is highly unproductive.

You must also understand that a healthy body requires enough physical activity. You could thing of aerobic exercises like running and walking, muscle strengthening through weight lifting, jumping the rope to strengthen your bones, and stretching and balance activities like dancing, Pilates and yoga. Some people dint not know the health benefits that are associated with these activities.

Another thing you need to understand is that foods that don’t expire have unnatural preservatives, chemicals, and additives that are detrimental to your health. It’s advisable to focus on low-fat dairies, whole grain, lean meat, vegetables and fruits. However, if you decide to cut the calories below the resting metabolic rate, the body will get into the survival mode but it will not have sufficient energy for performing its basic energy. The term resting metabolic rate refers to the degree at which the human body burns the available calories.

Additionally, it is advisable for teenagers to take 2100 calories. However, your diet should be proportionate to the level of physical activity you engage in. You can determine the amount of healthy daily calories depending on your level of physical activity. Your body will burn some of the calories you consume through exercising. Therefore, eat what your body can burn comfortably.

In summary, your health and that of your loved ones are in your control. Sometimes humanity perishes because of lack of knowledge. You could be using a lot of energy to change your lifestyle when in real sense you are taking in more than the body can handle. You will agree to the fact that the current lifestyle trend is alarming. The world needs change and that is the responsibility of all of us.


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