Would You Spend A Night In Sweden’s Ice Hotel?

Okay, so you’ve heard about an underwater restaurant in Dubai, a handcrafted amusement park in Italy but have you heard about an ice hotel? Yes, people there’s an actual hotel made out of ice and it’s literally called the ICEHOTEL.

The ICEHOTEL is the world’s first hotel made out of ice and snow. It is located in a village in Northern Sweden called Jukkasjärvi. As you would assume, since it’s made out of ice – it eventually melts.

Therefore, the hotel is only reconstructed every winter. Each year, new artists are recruited and given a chance to work on the architecture and design of the hotel.

Ice Hotel Entrance

Ice Hotel Entrance | Visit Sweden

The ICEHOTEL was born in 1989, when the creator of this piece of artwork was inspired by a local Japanese ice sculpting tradition. Yngve Bergqvist then built his own igloo, using the mold technique. The igloo was built by the Torne River. The igloo was 60m2 in size and it was initially only supposed to be an art gallery called Artic Hall. However, the gallery was attracting more attention than usual and started to facilitate church services and film show cases. With his associates, Bergqvist later opened up a bar inside of the Artic Hall and slept in the hall which had sub-zero temperatures.

TreeHousee Suite

TreeHousee Suite | ICEHOTEL

They continued to build the hall until it reached 250m2. One night, a group of guests asked if they could stay in and sleep over in the hall. They were equipped with reindeer skins and sleeping bags and LOVED it. Since then, the igloo was turned into the amazing ICEHOTEL.

Ice Bar


The building process begins when the cold season comes to the Artic. The ice is harvested from the Torne River in the early Spring, when it’s the thickest. When the river slows down, the ice blocks are harvested and stored before construction begins in November. It takes about six weeks to complete.

Each room has a classic, catenary, arch shape which is strong and well supported. Temperatures range from about -5C to -8C. Guests are asked to wear thermal underwear and warm head gear. They are equipped with winter apparel and receive warm breakfast in the morning. The ICEHOTEL also provides warm bedrooms with heated dressing rooms.

Art Suite

Art Suite | ICEHOTEL

Ice Church

Ice Church | ICEHOTEL

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