Little Girl Eats Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette For Lunch

Having a makeup collection can be satisfying yet pretty stressful. We’re pretty sure every girl has experienced that mini heart attack when her favorite palette drops. However, can you imagine how 18-year-old Lauren Ricon felt when she came home to find her Two Faced Chocolate Bar  palette eaten? By her 1-year-old niece. Awkward turn of events.

Her niece Kaitlyn, who is almost 2 years old obviously didn’t get the memo  since she smothered herself in this sweet smelling chocolate-ly looking palette. I mean, come on. The palette has cocoa powder in it and has names like Milk Chocolate, Champagne and Truffle Cherry Cordial. How could she even resist? lol.

Lauren caught her niece red handed with the makeup palette in her hands and didn’t know how to react at all. What she did was go to Twitter and post this:

“I yelled at her saying ‘why would you do that?’ and she started crying. Then I felt bad’ Lauren told Metro.

Luckily for her, Too Faced gifted her another palette.


By the way, don’t worry guys. Kaitlyn is totally safe and fine.

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