MUST SEE: Three House Intruders Break Into A Home And Get A BIG Surprise

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Over the weekend, three armed men invaded into the home of a local restaurant manager and her room mate.

The incident happened at around 4 AM on last Friday in Gwinnett County, Georgia when the men broke into the house to commit a robbery. Apparently, the house was serving as a supplies storage place for the restaurant, according to WSB TV 2.

The footage was released by the Gwinnett County Police Department and it shows the men rummaging through the house looking for things to steal.

Moment after, a woman in night dress armed with a handgun rushed out of her bedroom and opened fire at the 3 invaders who in turn fired back. Unfortunately for them, she was not the one to mess with.

Due to the gunshot debris clouding the house, one of the invaders panicked and jumped through the glass door in the back room to escape and another two escaped through the front door as the woman was shooting at them.

One of the guys died after being shot in the house driveway and was identified by the Gwinnett County Police as Antonio Leeks, 28, from Atlanta. The other two are still on the run.

Cpl. Deon Washington with the Gwinnett County Police Department praised the courage and bravery of the woman who rightfully defended her herself and her home.

“She exercised her right to defend her livelihood and property.” Cpl. Deon Washington told  Channel 2.

In the video, we can also see that the woman was consoled by her housemate who gently took the empty unloaded gun from her as she was calling the police.

“It’s not common that we receive this caliber of surveillance video showing the crime unfold, an actual home invasion.” Cpl. Deon Washington said.

He also added that since the intruders’ faces were uncovered, people who were watching the news should be able to recognize the other two suspects who are still on the run and should call the Gwinnett County Police Department if they do.

“They’re not wearing anything on their faces so we’re highly anticipating someone watching the evening newscast will recognize these people.” Cpl. Deon Washington added.

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